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About us

Welcome to Adult1Shop - Your Place For Healthy Pleasure

Men are from Mars, Women from Venus, and the sex toys from Adul1Shop. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have sex together!

The universe of pleasures is here! Adult1Shop is the largest erotic store in the UK, with the best prices on sex toys, erotic accessories, fetish costumes and erotic lingeries, aphrodisiac or lubricating.

Our sex shop has a wide range of products available immediately from stock at the best prices in the UK: sexual stimulants, aphrodisiacs, lubricants, massage oils, pheromone perfumes, products for penis enlargement and potency increase, remedies for premature ejaculation, any type of vibrator, inflatable dolls, vacuum pumps, anal balls, erection sleeves and rings, strap-on, handcuffs, funny gifts, erotic lingerie: catsuit, babydoll, bikini, corsets, stockings, dresses, fetish, bondage, spanking and more.

Boring sexual life is not recommended! If you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve tried them all and you’re still bored, you can find the solutions you need in the Adult1Shop store. From sex toys and accessories to erotic lingerie or fetish costumes that would help you have more pleasant experiences in the bedroom. All of them contribute to active and exciting sex life, at good prices and with fast delivery. Any fantasy can be staged in the master bedroom with sexy lingerie or special adult sex toys.

Touches that make you feel good!  Adult1Shop is ready for all the fantasies of singles or couples with a rich imagination. Just a few minutes, that’s all you need to find what you’re looking for. Do a search on adult1shop.co.uk and you will find thousands of sex toys available. Do you like to feel a certain pressure in the clitoris or do you prefer an internal stimulation? Do you want something that vibrates or an object that doesn’t make too much noise? Choose your toy according to your personal preferences.

Experience the best sex toys for couples

If you’ve always wanted to play a role, now is the right time to do it without shame. Regardless of the fantasies you have, they can only materialize very easily if you want to. Check our categories of costume and fantasies’ roles. You`ll be delight! All you have to do is choose the clothes according to the character you want to play, use a sex toy, and enjoy with your partner the fantastic things that have come to light. Do not hesitate to give yourself pleasure when you want. Enjoy the most beautiful and intense moments both alone and with your partner!

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At Adult1Shop you can choose from the best vibrators, dildos and sex toys. Discover the fun of your sex life and new ways to play solo or as a couple.